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6 Weeks-12 Months

Infant Program

The infant program at Sensational Minds: Early Learning Academy LLC serves children from the ages of six weeks until 1 year. Our program is designed to promote growth and development through activities which allow infants to safely explore their environment in order to increase gross motor, sensory processing, fine motor, and social-emotional skills as facilitated by staff. Staff will implement a flexible feeding, sleeping and play schedule to fit each individual child’s needs. The infant classroom will provide an appropriately stimulating yet calm and peaceful environment which has been carefully designed to promote advancements of skills in order to achieve developmental milestones. Our staff will have continuous consultation with an onsite Occupational Therapist who has direct input on curriculum design as well as meeting the specific needs of the classroom, and screening the individual children to determine if they are achieving proper progression of their developmental skills. At Sensational Minds: Early Learning Academy LLC we believe that it is important to communicate with parents/guardians as much as possible, and will be providing a daily update log in order to keep a clear line of communication. We are open to any parent concerns and will address them to our best abilities within our policies, procedures and licensing standards.
Our infants will have an individualized schedule which will include the following elements: Hellos and Goodbyes, diapering and toileting, sleeping and nap time, dressing, and eating and meal times.

Infants: Programs
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