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Parvanah Withee


A mother of four, began work in the childcare field in 1999, and has held numerous roles beginning as a parent and volunteer, and positions along the way including that of lead classroom teacher and program manager, including most recently upper level management.  Parvanah holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, is a Nationally Certified Forensic Interviewer of Children and a fully trained Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocate. Parvanah worked in the childcare field until 2012 when she assumed leadership of the following programs in our local Community Action Program: Supervised Visitation Center for Domestic Violence Victims and his/her children, Sexual Assault Program, Transitional Housing Services, Autism Case Management Services, Supportive Visitation Services for Children in Custody of DHHS, Community Partnership for Protecting Children Program, and the Children’s Advocacy Center.  After nearly 7 years in a management position that allowed Parvanah to advocate for children, families and underserved individuals, she is excited for this opportunity to return to her roots, and in a more hands on position, continue to foster development and learning for children, meanwhile supporting their families in doing so. Parvanah’s insight as both a parent as well as her numerous positions held in her career provide a unique perspective in providing an environment conducive to your children’s educational, emotional, and physical development and wellbeing.

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