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Fun Fireworks Crafts!!

Since July 4th is coming up we figured what better way to prepare than with some fun firework crafts! We have gathered a list of crafts for you to try at home, and some that we may be making ourselves! At Sensational Minds: Early Learning Academy LLC we love to use various types of materials in order to provide a more sensory stimulating activity. When a child has multiple sensory systems engaged, the more attentive, and the more connections their brains will make. Using various textures helps a child expose their sensory systems to new sensations, it helps them learn, and its usually more fun!

We compiled a list of 10 different activities you can do with your child in order to use lots of different materials when making fireworks! We can't wait to see what you create!

Take pictures of what you and your children made, share, and tag us!

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