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We Are Here For You

Almost everyday, we have to contemplate having some sort of difficult conversation with a parent or guardian of a child. Whether it be due to their child having a hard day, discussing emotional concerns, concerns with their academic development, discussing a good drop off or pick up time to set a child up for success for their day, the list goes on and on.

Sometimes, we fear that confrontation may lead to angry families which leads to losing that child and an opportunity to help them grow. Sometimes, we empathize almost too much because we too are parents and we understand we have some things to talk about with families that may be hard for a parent to hear. We never take these types of discussions lightly. We collect data, we observe and deliberate, we research, we discuss until we come to an agreement that even though we provide quality care, this child may need more.

It is hard for us to have the tough conversations to tell a parent when we have concerns for their child- but time and time again we leave the conversation feeling hope and gratitude. Most of the time, these conversations start by us voicing our concerns, and it opens the floodgates for parents to express their own concerns for their child. Most of the time, we hear that they have voiced these concerns to friends or family, or even their child's doctor and they are told that they will "grow out of it" or to "give it time."

We are big believers that children grow at their own pace, but we also believe that if a child can be provided with services that are individually targeted for their needs, and they are able to receive specific intervention for skills they may struggle with-then why not provide that for them? If something out there exists to help a child who needs some extra help to meet the academic standards they are expected to meet when they enter kindergarten.. then why not use it?

We completely understand the stigma that exists surrounding "disability" or anything that isn't near perfection which can make it difficult to wrap your head around the fact that something may be impacting your child's ability to learn. But, we are here to support you through that. We are here to guide you through the steps you need to take in order for your child to be evaluated if need be. We are here to help communicate what kinds of strategies we use to help your child be successful at our center so that they can be more successful at home.

Once we have identified that a child may have any type of delay developmentally, a social emotional struggle, and any other concern, we absolutely DO NOT leave a family hanging.

We conduct screenings, collect data and will write a report that can be easily presented to the child's pediatrician so that you have the evidence you need from the people who see your child all day every day to also support what you may be seeing at home. We have learned that doctors prefer data, so we do everything we can in order to provide that for them and for you- even if it means staff taking extra time to track behaviors of an individual child. Even if it means it is a child with a specific problem we have never had before and we have to educate ourselves and our staff on how we can provide the absolute best care possible for them. We have rearranged whole classrooms in order to make sure children could have full access to anything and everything, and be most successful and we are up for any challenge.

We do not turn children away for having big behaviors or because they may be behind compared to their same aged peers. Unless a child completely endangers themselves and others and any and all strategies have been exhausted, we will do everything in our power to love that child and to find out what works for them, what they need, and when they need it.

Why did we make a blog post about this? To brag or boast? Absolutely not.

We feel that it is imperative that parents and families know that we are not just a business. When your child begins attending our center, they and you become family. The second we start serving you, we are advocates for your child. Our goal is to keep them safe and to do everything in our power to ensure that they get the most out of the time we have with them- whether its months or years.

We feel that it is imperative that families need to know, there is somewhere out there for your child no matter their ability. Somewhere that is willing to communicate with you, be patient with your child, and who won't turn them away when times get hard.

We opened a childcare center because we understand just how hard childcare can be. We understand how much training, education, and effort needs to go into truly purposeful and affective activities.

We opened a childcare center because we understand that parenting does not come with a handbook that equips you to know exactly what to do when you have concerns for your child.

We opened a childcare center because we believe that all children deserve to start with equal foundational skills so that they have the best outcomes in their educational careers that start with kindergarten.

And we will advocate for your child as hard as we can so we can help them get there.

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