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Why Our Parents Love Brightwheel

We cannot believe we are coming upon our 3 year anniversary at Sensational Minds: Early Learning Academy LLC! Just as we did last year, I wanted to share some positive reviews about our center. This year, I wanted to specifically highlight one of the best tools we added on over the last two years- Brightwheel.

Brightwheel is an app/website that parents can download to their phones or access online. Each child has their own account which is privately viewed by parents and any other family members they allow access too. Parents get real time updates and notifications when their infants are fed, changed, nap, when their is an incident, if we have to administer medication (with parent permission), and the best part is getting pictures of their children and what they're doing throughout the day.

It also has an amazing messenger feature so that the classroom teachers can immediately message any feedback, questions or concerns, or check in on their child. This is especially great when children are making their big transition to our center from another, for a new parents first daycare experience, and for children who may be neurodivergent and/or have specific behavioral strategies and plans in place in order to ensure their success at our center.

Without further ado, here are some raving reviews from current parents at our center about this fantastic app!

Overall, we are so glad we chose to use this app. Since adapting new routines and procedures in order to be COVID safe we get way less face time with parents than we used to. Having this app has ensured that we are able to still get those important conversations in when time is limited and staff are busy. What makes us happiest though, is knowing that parents can have the peace of mind of knowing that their child/ren is safe, cared for, and participating in activities that are going to enhance their development.


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