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1 year- 2 1/2 years

Waddler Program

The Toddler programs at Sensational Minds: Early Learning Academy LLC have been broken into two age groups in order to appropriately serve the developmental needs of  the children. The Waddler age group will be from ages 1- 2 ½ years old.

The Toddler classrooms are designed to provide a stimulating yet calm environment which facilitates structured exploration of their surroundings in order to develop proper gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional, behavioral, academic, and self-help skills required for pre-school readiness. The emphasis during toddler years is on building self-confidence and fostering the natural curiosity that will help build these skills with the guidance of staff.

Examples of activities and play materials which will be available to emphasize development could be: creative centers such as dress up, art, STEM activities, and other imaginative play, sensory exploration via water and sand play as well as other various textures and items, and early learning activities such as sorting, letter, number, color and shape identification, etc.

Our staff are carefully selected and trained to foster development with compassion and warmth that will assist in helping your child develop the self-confidence they need to continue to progress towards age appropriate developmental milestones.

Waddlers: Service
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