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3 1/2- 5 years

Preschool Program

Sensational Minds: Early Learning Academy has one Preschool classroom that serve ages 3 ½ years- 5 years old. Our Preschool program is designed to prepare children academically, socially, and behaviorally for Kindergarten by encouraging development of independence, responsibility and confidence.

Our staff are carefully selected and trained in order to help facilitate the children as they focus on each child’s social, emotional, sensory processing, intellectual, and physical development by using concrete, hands-on activities for the children to explore both in structured and unstructured times.

Although there is a focus on group involvement and instruction in order to prepare children for a school environment, the needs of each individual child are monitored by developmental screening tools which occur biannually in order to ensure that progress is being made. If progress is not being made at an age appropriate rate, we have an onsite Occupational Therapist who, with a Physician Referral, can further evaluate a child to determine more specific needs, and set specific developmental goals required for success. The Occupational Therapist will also be available to consult with all staff in order to ensure the most developmentally appropriate environments, transitions, and teaching strategies are being used.

Preschool: Programs
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